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Business Mentor & Digital Marketer

Angelica Rozewicz

Angelica Rozewicz is a business mentor & digital marketer, that got her start in digital marketing in 2005 and made a splash in the online coaching world in 2014. Angelica has inspired and equipped hundreds of coaches, experts and consultants with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses without the stress and overwhelm that is so common with ambitious entrepreneurs. 

Angelica started her journey to entrepreneurship as a marketing consultant working for small businesses but felt a calling to make a greater impact and that's when she stumbled upon online coaching. Her mission is to bring the power of the internet and marketing funnels to coaches, experts and consultants that would otherwise be lost in the online world. After getting married in 2014 and moving to Honduras she knew there was no looking back and she needed to step in the face of fear and build a profitable business online that transforms her love for business creation and internet marketing that allows her to live life on her terms.

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